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Confusion[n2] disoriented state... abashment, ado, anarchy, astonishment, befuddlement, bustle, chaos, clutter, commotion, complexity, complication, consternation, daze, difficulty, disarray, discomfiture, discomposure, dislocation, disorganization, distraction, disturbing, emotional upset, ferment, fog, fracas, haze, hodge-podge, imbroglio, intricacy, jumble, labyrinth, mess, mistake, muddle, mystification, pandemonium, perplexity, perturbation, pother, puzzlement, racket, riot, row, shambles, stew, stir, stupefaction, surprise, tangle, trouble, tumult, turmoil, untidiness, upheaval, uproar, upsetting, wilderness

Okay it's March 28, 2000. Anything you read on this page is the opinion of the author's and in no way represents the opinion or ideas of the mental giants at Tripod. If you suffer from a heart condition or are prone to seizures, please, look at this..

Wait... I mean don't look at that.

Toons I drew...I haven't drawn any cartoons since the early 90's, when I lost my mind in a horrible car washing accident. But they still carry heavy social something...

Great... more reasons to keep living.

SIGN IT DAMN YOUR ROTTEN SOUL HAHAHA...some idiots actually signed it!!

Guestbook by GuestWorld

Some are naughty, some are nice. Okay, so some DO suck.

Here's a little gem for all you conspiracy wackos...They're coming to get you ha ha
From the people that brought you Ren & Stimpy, it's Spumco! BACON BALLS!!
"Hi I'm Norm MacDonald, and this is the fake news..."Norm just fucking rocks.
More fake news...or is it? The Onion Archives.Very funny shit.
Calvin & Hobbes fans will appreciate this:G.R.O.S.S. meeting at 10!
Team Nexgen, makers of my favorite mIRC script. Nexgen Acidmax
A monkey having sex with a watermelon.YOU SICK LITTLE MONKEY!
A GRAND IDEA!!! You must be 18 to go here, btw... Plastic chicks rule!

Siren's Page...I love her love her love her...really I dew...Marry me, Danielle? OH GOD PLEASE?!
_FuBaR_ is a funny name for a cute chick, but
who am I to judge? Here's her page!Q!!!!
PoisonIvy's page!! She might be blonde, but don't tangle with this one, fellahs...she'll chew your ass up... Her issues are bigger than her boobs...
enk|ein's page o' nasty sex tricks.ENKIEDINKYDOOO
POOCHIE'S PAGE!! POOCHIE'S PAGE!! POOCHIE'S PAGE!!Poochie is Nookie's lil' hoe...hehe...
Neener neener neenerA complete angel :)
JanieBug/Nookie/JanieslutTweak her cyber-nipple for a quikie