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keMo: It's been roughly an hour since we last talked, Ken. And now we're driving to the store. For more beer, correct?
Ken: Correct.
keMo: I see.

Ken signals a right turn, and reaches down to turn on the stereo.

Ken: Yes?
keMo: Well, it's just that I noticed the store back there. About a block back.
Ken: Maybe I don't like that store. Ever consider that, Mister Fancy Pants?
keMo: You don't like 7-11? That's...well, odd, isn't it?
Ken: Indeed. I suppose it is.

Ken giggles, then excuses himself by explaining he just thought of something really funny.

keMo: Really? Would you care to share it with the rest of us?
Ken: Not really, no. (giggles again)
keMo: Okay...let's talk a little about your apparent dissatifaction with 7-11 stores. They're quite common, and they're open 24 hours a day. They have Slurpees and doughnuts and toilet paper. What is it that bothers you about 7-11?
Ken: Did I say I didn't like 7-11?
keMo: Well...yes, you did, in fact.
Ken: Really. What I believe I said was I didn't like that store!! You're trying to put words in my mouth!!!

A brief silence

keMo: Then you do have a problem with that specific store...
Ken: If you say so. (giggles)

To be continued...