Name: Chanda aka BlazinAngel

Location: North Dakota (jealous??)

Age: ummm ok 10/12/1973 Libra

Nationality: Does it matter?? Native American (Lakotah Sioux) and German

Occupation: Former Cometologist, Former Paralegal Student and Future nurse/ or surgical tech. Currently kissing people's ass in customer service.

Relationship status: Divorced and taken....

Contact me at:

My favorites~

Food: pasta, pizza, and dt coke

Movies: I love sooo many. Dirty Dancing, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Ocean's Eleven, Dances with Wolves, Meet the Parents, Something about Mary, Shrek, Lilo -n- Stitch, Fast -n- the Furious, Pretty Woman, Son in Law, A Knight's Tale, FamilyMan, Gone in 60 seconds...just to name a few...

Music: I love it all (except offense to you twangers) Way too many to list

Hobbies: the pit, reading, playing with my two beautiful children Jaida and Noah, enjoying my friends and family, talking on the phone (a natural womanly instinct), and shopping (I've cut down)

I drink very rarely and when I do it is a glass of merlot or a strawberry dacquri. I don't smoke or hang out in the bars. I'm actually quite boring and a homebody. I really love all the frienships I've made in the pit and hope to make many more.


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