Name: Craig (what, you thought you were gettin all of it?
Peach Pit name: DemonWolf... Demon- mischevious, devilish creature Wolf- wild, relentless survivor
Locale: upstate NY... little redneck town called Staatsburg
Occupation: rent-a-cop (Security Officer)
DOB: Dec. 7, 1976
Astrological sign- Western: Sagittarius (and very stereotypical one)
Astroligical sign- Chinese: Fire Dragon (I love that)
Element: Fire (also very stereotypical on that one)
Favorite saying: Carpe diem.. seize the day
Favorite music: rock, hard rock, metal, goth, ska, jazz, blues, folk.. anything real.. my current collections are Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews
Band, Jimmy Buffet, Kid Rock, Rush, Type O Negative, Tool
Favorite books: anything by Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe... Sandman comics... Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics..any damn hot rod or
motorcycle mag I can get my hands on, lol
Favorite movies: Pump Up The Volume, Saving Private Ryan, Swing Kids, Biker Boyz... anything with a message, or alot of action... and comedys
Hobbies: on the net way too much, playin with my bike (and hopefully riding it someday), art, and once in a blue moon playing my bass guitar
Demeanor: laid back... joker, until some moron pisses me off, lol p.s. the pics are 4 yrs old.. when I was good lookin and had hair...
you might get new ones someday, but dont hold yer breath, =)

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