My name's Ken, and I'm one of the Pit's oddities. I like the Fox News Channel, talk radio, SOUP, posting on the Pit, all the Pitheads, my Zippo (currently residing in another state), my orange thong, Mr Bungle, South Dakota chicks who read Harper Lee books, buffalo jerky, Alaska, the Internet, learning stuff, pictures of weird stuff.

I'm 38, born June 29th, and I can wiggle my eyes!! ooOOOooOo creepy!!! I can gleek too... but I can't write a check to save my life... go figure!! I've owned over 45 cars (lost count a couple of years ago), and only wrecked 4. My lucky number is 57, my favorite color is green, I like anchovies on pizza, and my eyes are blue.

I'm conservative (lol... yeah, it's funny), I'm serious when I need to be, and I'm fiercely loyal. I'm also stubborn and I can be opinionated, and there's a rumor floating around about a 'foohscan' (no idea what that is, I didn't read the whole thing)...

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