What the Hell is a troft, you ask. A troft is an acronym that means
'The Rest of The Story'. You've probably heard this phrase before...
it's been used for years by Paul Harvey, that old guy on A.M. radio
who tells stories and reads the news and whatnot. For all I know he
coined the expression. He did not, however, coin the term trofts...
I did. So it is with great pride that I introduce to you Mr. Milkdrop,
who wants to tell you a little story....





ummm... okay, I'll tell the story.

I've been surfing the web for a few years now, and by far my favorite
thing about it the sense of voyeurism, like people watching at the mall.
I wondered about the people or situations in those pictures. Soon I
was developing entire stories based on a single anonymous picture I
found on the Internet. Yes... I have lots of time on my hands. What I
did then was to start adding these pictures to my website, along with a
descriptive storyline or joke. This is 'The Rest of The Story', or trofts.

I have a number of trofts which are anonymous; when I grabbed them I didn't
take time to note the website I was snarfing them from. From now on I'll try
to do that, and give credit to the picture's owners.

Also, I'm discarding the whole thumbnail thing. The pictures will be linked
by small graphics I will customize for each image.
Should add a nice air
mystery ;) So... wanna see some pics? Click the link below!